Your Choice Of Funeral

Funeraria Flores will give you the freedom of choice to choose however you want the funeral to go. You can also design your own space within the chapel so that you can have all the freedom you want during your stay. Funeraria Flores will also offer default assistance if you ever decide that you are too hurt to think about too much stuff. We will take it off your hands!

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Funeral Services


Funeraria Floresco offers very affordable prices for each type of funeral service that the customer prefers.


Burial or Cremation

Coffins and Caskets

Ashes and Urns

Honoring Life


Funeraria Floresco will always have an on going mass for everyone who is in the chapel. Everyone will be included in the prayers that will be held by Funeraria Floresco.



Funeraria Floresco will give the customer a choice whether they choose to include them in a local newspaper or not for privacy purposes.

Alternative Funerals


Funeraria Floresco also offers alternative funerals. This includes those funerals who have a different tradition when it comes to funerals.

Death Certificates


Funeraria Floresco will provide the death certificates for the loved one who is now dead as soon as possible for the situations that the certificates are needed on a immediate emergency.

After Care


Funeraria Floresco will take care of your deceased love one even after the funeral. The company offers a cleaning service and updates for the family.

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